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Photographic Archival Recordings

Gerald Steding has a Masters of Heritage Conservation and is fully accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. In heritage, Gerald photographs architectural and industrial sites and heritage landscapes. He also records video 'walk-throughs' of heritage places.


Gerald produces photographic archival records in accordance with State Government guidelines. Clients receive the following:

  • General and detailed, interior and exterior views and features as well as images to and from landscape vantage points.
  • Inventory sheets containing the heritage status and historical context of the item, its location, and a brief description.
  • A site location plan (Google Earth Pro).
  • AutoCAD drawings showing photograph positions and directions.
  • A photograph catalogue and catalogue list.
  • Colour prints on long term permanency photographic paper using Ultra Chrome K3 inks.
  • Each print with caption, date, direction and image number. This information also forms part of the metadata of each image.
  • Presentation in archival binders and slipcases containing individual slip-sheets made from acid free polypropylene.
  • DVDs containing RAW and TIFF photographic files.
  • A report bound and as a pdf.


For more information and to view the galleries and videos of Gerald Steding, please click on the link to Clarity Pictures here.



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