Stedinger Associates Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology

In mainstream Australian historical archaeology Louise Steding has assessed, surveyed and excavated World, National and Commonwealth heritage listed sites. She has investigated sites listed on the State Heritage Register as well as local sites. As an excavation director in NSW, Louise has obtained both s140 and s60 excavation permits and is skilled in the use of ground penetrating radar.


Today she limits her work to - forensics, prisons, and human remains.  


Among law & order sites investigated are:

       Wollongong Gaol (site) 

       Yerranderie Police Station and Court House

       Gundagai Gaol and Court House

       The Oaks Portable Lockup

       HMAS Platypus

       Woodford Lockup

       Devine’s Hill Stockade

       Bull’s Camp and

       Snapper Island


Louise has also excavated at:

Fremantle Prison

Cockatoo Island Prison Precinct

Cockatoo Island Naval Dockyards

Parramatta Soldiers' Barracks

Georges Heights

Perth Gaol

Springwood Military Stockade

Woolwich Dock

the Round House Gaol

Port Arthur Penitentiary

Chowder Bay

Convict built roads including the Old Great North Road, Mitchells Road to Bathurst and Cox’s Road over the Blue Mountains, and

various convict built works.

For cemeteries, clandestine graves, unmarked burials and ground penetrating radar (GPR), please refer to additional galleries on this website.


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