Dr Louise Steding Human Remains

Forensic Archaeology & Human Remains

Dr Louise Steding has excavated human remains from Colonial Australia to Renaissance, Bronze Age and Neolithic Europe. She directs excavations for human remains, identifies likely burial locations using ground penetrating radar, and confirms such burials using scrapes. Louise investigates unmarked burials and early boundaries within historic cemeteries and clandestine bush burials of cold missing person cases. Her specialties are ground penetrating radar, search by combining archaeological and profiling techniques, along with the recording and recovery of human remains in their site contexts.  


Please note: No skeletal remains on this website are from Aboriginal people nor are they recent in nature. Photographs of human bone on this site date from the 17th Century to 5500 years ago, are European in geographic origin and originate from the work of Dr Steding.


Also note, Louise Steding (PhD) is a member of:

Australia and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS)(professional member, NSW)

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI)(full member) – Chairperson (NSW/ACT, 2008) Membership committee 2008-2011


She is author of:

Death on Night Watch (2016)

Forensics and Police through Time. Australia in Context (19thC) (2016)

Manual for Forensic Archaeology (expected release 2018)

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